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Pisgah  ~ 8:30am

Hopewell ~ 9:45am *





Women's Group

Every Wednesday evening at 6:30

Hopewell Church


Disciple Bible Study

Sunday Evening @ 6:00

Hopewell Church


Youth Group

Sunday Evening @ 6:00

Hopewell Church


20:13 College Ministry

Every Monday evening at 7:00

Via WebEx - Contact Andrew Darnell for more information adarnell7@yahoo.com


ATP - All Things Possible

Community Outreach Ministry & home of the North Preston Food Pantry Contact Susie Waugh:  ATP@labs.net


Backpack Program

Packing Back Packs with meals for students in Preston County.   

Contact Pastor Steve:  Steve@MissionTakeBack.com


Monthly Newsletter

Stay connected with the church. Email Kelsey Clark to get enrolled:  tigerlil03@hotmail.com


Prayer Warriors/Submit a Prayer

Email Rhonda Wright to be added to our Email Prayer Chain: rhondawright3737@gmail.com

2016 MISSION : Take Back  : Bruceton Mills, West Virginia   26525